Happy New Year!

Today’s comment codeword is FLUX.  Put that before your comment so I know you’re a real person.

Lu is in Haiti for two weeks.  As soon as Lu returns we’ll be back into shooting the rest of my roommate the Time Traveler.  If I haven’t said it before, this episode will be our most ambitious one yet, making it both very challenging and exciting as hell.  But then again, I was saying the same thing back when I was shooting Hippie so take it with a grain of salt.  On January 18th we’ll be driving out to the desert to shoot a scene in which Lu time travels too far forward and encounters a civilization that’s based their entire religion and existence on his arrival (sans his roommate writing to him from the past..).  I have a small cast of actors that will be playing the forefront of the civilization’s ambassadors but I want LOTS of people to be there.  I thought before I do a traditional casting call I’d shout out to all the fans who might want to be apart of this, considering this episode will be the finale to our first a season and celebratory cap to everyone that’s ever supported us and cheered for us along the way.

I’ll be posting a video with more details as soon as I have a location locked down but I’ll get the ball rolling in here first.  If any of you live in LA, OC, SD, SB, or even SF, I strongly urge you clear your schedule on Tuesday January 18th to join us in the desert (likely somewhere 2 hours outside of LA) to be apart of this monumental scene.  What I’d like to do (and I haven’t cleared this with Lu yet so I won’t make it official) is send all the episode’s earnings to Lu’s family’s school in Haiti, which was heavily damaged during the earthquake last year.  See to learn more.  If it’s not enough that you’ll be helping to make the best my roommate episode EVER, then know that it’s for a good cause.  Even though, all these episodes are for a good cause because once Lu and I are famous we’re gonna do all kinds of crazy good shit for this world.  Believe that.  But in terms of this particular episode, the more people who show up, the more views we’ll get, and the higher the likelihood this episode will qualify for Youtube’s adsense.  So bring on the people, bring on the views, and let’s give the internet a webisode unlike any webisode they’ve ever seen!

cue orchestra