my roommate the Desperado

Once the king of action films, Robert Rodriguez has now created a sub-category of this beloved genre that almost seems too self-aware of its own ridiculousness. Intentional or purely coincidental. You be the judge. But if I’m being completely honest here, it’s A LOT of fun to shoot up bad guys and blow sh*t up!


Name Character
Lu Louis Lu
Bayardo De Murguia Antonio
Gus Gallego Enrique
Juan Lopez Juan
Diana Alvarez Selma
Pepe Gamez Rodriguez
Camelia Dee Loca
Tyler Seiple Cabellero
Ernesto Ruvalcaba Rojo
Nicholas Juntilla Azul


Name Role
Andrea Ball Director
Lu Louis Writer / Executive Producer
Chris Walters Director of Photography
Mike Manning Editor / VFX
David Leb 1st A.D.
Ron Santarsiero Sound
Gretchen Hass Makeup
Anna Tibboel Costume Designer
Victor Salinas Composer
Wes Barker Sound Editor
Dale Pilus PA
Ernesto Ruvalcaba PA