my roommate the Douchebag

Today in the world of roommatism, we observe the unnavoidable architype known as the Douchebag. We’ve lost many a great women to this creature of instinct, and have watched it’s kind invade our most popular clubs and beaches. Serving as a constant in all of human culture, the Douchebag remains unapologetic for his simplicity, and steadfast in his endeavors. So, in honor of those who seek to pleasure themselves above all others, this is for you…


Name Character
Lu Louis Lu
Byrne Owens Todd
Madeline McCuskey Girl 1
Danny Maus Grant
Daniel Messier Armo
Rachel Reynolds Girl 2
Giovanna Hurwitz Girl 3


Name Role
Byrne Owens Writer / Director / Producer
Lu Louis Executive Producer
Matthew Hibbs Director of Photography / Editor
Giovanna Hurwitz Makeup Artist