my roommate the Guido

It’s no surprise that Jersey Shore has taken over our TV’s. With their infectious fist bumping, unapologetic partying, and sexual promiscuity, they have shown us a life we all wish we lived. But is their behavior on the show now creating a misrepresentation of all those who hail from the shores of New Jersey? And is their care-free attitude starting to spawn a disdain in our hearts for all those who wear the spray-tanned, muscled, gel’d up hair uniform? It’s important to be proud of who you are and where you’re from. But when you turn you heritage into a punch-line and become a parody of your own selves, one wonders if it’s not time to grab your laundry and throw in the towel…


Name Character
Lu Louis Lu
Kevin McNamara Lorenzo
Marlyse Londe Jeannie
Chrissie Fit Niqi


Name Role
Byrne Owens Director
Lu Louis Writer / Executive Producer
Matthew Hibbs Director of Photography / Editor