my roommate the Hippie

Ah yes, the Hippies.  A counter culture so resilient, so healthy, and so spiritually ambiguous that throughout human history they have withstood the test of time.  And as most would associate the Hippie with the iconic 60′s flower child, there have always been a group of earth loving,  nomadic tribesmen who appear to be tripping out even when they’re sober.  Whether they’re dressed in hand crafted hemp threads while jamming to the cosmos, or geared in Mad Max leather while dancing at the burn, the Hippie thrives on the infinite possibilities of everything happening everywhere all the time for eternity, with no such hatred about anything except for hatred itself.  This my roommate vid is for anyone who says they “get it”, and refuses to change unless it’s for and about change.  Namaste.


Name Character
Lu Louis Lu
Byrne Owens Tobias
Mikey McKernan Blaze
Soroya Rowley Sunburst
Jessica Franz River


Name Role
Byrne Owens Writer/Director/Producer
Lu Louis Executive Producer
Andy Manoushagian Director of Photography
Mike Manning Editor / VFX
Ernesto Ruvalcaba Sound Engineer
Giovanna Hurwitz Make Up Artist
Morgan Aroff Tattoo Designs