Time Traveler Part 2: Black to the Future

my roommate the Time Traveler Part 2: Black to the Future

What would a roommate episode be if it didn’t make completely clear that the universe revolved around Lu?  And as if the possibilities of inter-dimensional entanglement weren’t enough, we had to go and bring Time Travel into it!  The very fairness of Lu’s gregarious mission would be ill-matched if it wasn’t set in the strangest, most passive aggressive era in human history…  THE 80′s!  And what a better way to appreciate this man’s existential crisis than to do so in the very era that made having an existential crisis a rad thing.  To all the people that don’t need a time machine to go back to the 80′s, and to all the self-indulgent philosophers that need the world to make sense, this episode is your guys’ love child.


Name Character
Lu Louis Lu
Byrne Owens Tim
Chad Jamian Williams 80's Cool Kid, Noah
Melissa Murphy Younger Debra Baxter
Lynette Owens Older Debra Baxter
Mara Herbkersman Present Vintage Girl
Chris Mollica Skeeter


Name Role
Byrne Owens Writer/Director/Producer/Production Designer
Lu Louis Executive Producer, Writer of 'mrt MMA Fighter' 'mrt Racist'
Matthew Hibbs Director of Photography, Colorist
Mike Manning Editor, VFX Artist
Giovanna Hurwitz Make-up/Costume Design
Ernesto Ruvalcaba Production Sound
Colin Beamish Grip
Daniel Walter Composer

Special Thanks

Christine Ponichera – for letting us use your condo.

Subway on Highland and Franklin – you put too much damn mayo in your tuna salad!!!

Lynette Owens – for being such a sport.