Time Traveler

my roommate the Time Traveler

Time Travel, possibly the most impossible probability in a reality that wouldn’t normally be possible in the first place if there even was a first place for it to begin with.  And whether the subject being transported is traveling by speed or by wormhole, or even speedily through a wormhole, only one thing is for sure:  THERE ARE NO RULES.  Sure, we try to rationalize the causality of changing the past by knowing the future.  But let’s face it, there’s always going to be a plane of existence where time and space are irrelevant.  So in honor of those who like to technically speak about the quantum mechanics of cosmic entanglements, this improbably isn’t for you…


Name Character
Lu Louis Lu, Nomad 7
Byrne Owens Tim, Nomad 8
Tyler Seiple Nomad Leader
Camelia Dee Mazda, Nomad Prophet
Gus Gallego Nomad Iconagrapher
Juan Lopez Nomad 1
Frank Love Nomad 2
Giovanna Hurwitz Nomad 3
Chad Jamian Williams Nomad 4
Chris Mollica Nomad 5
Brandon Massy Staff Sergeant, Nomad 6
Nathan Crocker Commando Operator
Jason Busch Shock Commando
Diana Alvarez Post Apocalypse Mother


Name Role
Byrne Owens Writer/Director/Producer/Production Designer
Lu Louis Executive Producer
Matthew Hibbs Director of Photography, Editor
Mike Manning VFX/Sound Editor
Ernesto Ruvalcaba Production Sound
Daniel Walter Composer
Giovanna Hurwitz Costume/Make-up Designer

Special Thanks

Jackie at Action Audio and Visual http://www.actionaudioandvisual.com/

Hand Prop Room http://www.hpr.com/

History for Hire http://www.historyforhire.com/