my roommate the Vampire

The Age of the Vampire is upon us. Now more than ever these ancient relics of a time long forgotten have resurfaced to reclaim the world that has long been theirs…pop culture. Now fueled by the undying love of their tween-aged masses, vampires once again rule the airwaves. But this time, multiple factions have arisen creating conflicting dogma on what is fantasy and what is fact. Sparkling in the sunlight? Fairies? Making sure to Let the Right One In? Ridiculously ripped werewolves? With so many endless possibilities, it’s befitting that one has all eternity to choose.


Name Character
Lu Louis Lu
Tyler Seiple Billie
Byrne Owens Robbie
Marlyse Phlaum Kristie
Richardson Chery Eddie
Juan Lopez Jake


Name Role
Lu Louis Writer / Director / Executive Producer
Chris Mollica 1st A.D.
Matthew Hibbs Director of Photography / Editor
Colijia Feliz Makeup Artist
Mike Manning VFX Artist