my roommate the YouTuber

300,000,000+. With so many profiles it’s easy for one to get lost in the “YouTube YouNiverse”. But in a world of 6 Billion+, YouTube represents only a fraction of the people we share this planet with. It has allowed a vast majority of people to open up their homes and their minds to us and share with us their most intimate moments and most original ideas. With the continuous increases in technology, a moment that occurs in life can immediately be captured and shared with the world in a matter of minutes. Over night, people can go from obscurity to infamy. The world is at our finger tips. But one can’t help but wonder, what is the price of this new found accessibility?


Name Character
Lu Louis Lu
Will of DC Will of DC
Dinosaur Self
Grace Gornall iClaire
Joberde JB
Brian Fisher Brett
Benjamin Faigus Frank
Juan Lopez Lord
Gustavo Gallego Roberto
Justine Gilroy-Jones Monica
Chad Jamian Williams Vhane Creek
Marlyse Londe Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Justin Jairam Bruno M.
Diana Caughlin Rogue
Kelsey Rena Fields Kel$ha
Michael Ahmad Phaero
Michel Velo Meesh
David Odom David
Joe Johnson Jose Swanson
Ariel Lazarus Helga J


Name Role
Lu Louis Executive Producer / Writer / Director
Connor Daly Director of Photography
Ernesto Ruvalcaba Sound Engineer
Michael Speck Editor / VFX
Mike Manning VFX
Tina McDowelle Musical Composer, "Space Suits"