my roommate the Athlete

Throughout history, the masses have viewed the Athlete as a God amongst men, worthy of plowing across the lines that mere mortals call ethics.  In this episode we dissect the basic and most overrated attributes of the culture surrounding man’s most coveted, yet fleeting super-human ego.  And perhaps it’s only nature that we reward one’s enhanced physical superiority (artificial or not) with everything they could possibly want.  That is of course, whatever it takes to keep them dedicated to the most important goal of all… the WIN!  For this creature, the game exists everywhere, and in everything.  Without competition there is no purpose, and without purpose there are no losers.  And what would a victory be without losers?  In most roommate cases, these stories serve as a comedic viewing mirror to which an individual can see how their tribal cliche detracts from their inner identity.  In this case however, I’m afraid it only serves as a reenactment of what these winners would likely call “a game winning play.”  Here’s to the humble Gods who don’t think it’s cheating if there’s no ref around to blow the whistle.


Name Character
Lu Louis Lu
Byrne Owens Brad (Cory) Thompson
Joseph Vega Jay
Marlyse Londe Vicky
Rocki DuCharme Steph
Mindy Robinson Heather
Jacqueline Guzman Sienna
Kiyano La' Vin DeAndre
Lima Muhammad Bebe
Jermaine Jacox Lyon Males
Destini Meshack Lilly
E Benji Arrazola Hector
Cate McDougall Shannon
Sasha Boggs Sandra
Jeanette Hamming Maria
Vigo Villalobos Maria's Son


Name Role
Byrne Owens Producer, Writer, Director
Lu Louis Executive Producer
Matthew Hibbs Director of Photography, Editor
Ernesto Ruvalcaba Production Sound
Mike Manning Title Card Sequence