Online Dater

my roommate the Online Dater

As society grows to communicate more on a digital front than a verbal one, it seemed only appropriate that we pay homage to the internet’s bravest soldier, the Online Dater.  And unlike those who have found their love through patience, inebriated first impressions, and good old fashioned one-liners, the online community has narrowed down the complexities of dating to a science of cascading statistics where being an individual is more simple than ever before!  And why shouldn’t a person avoid the anxiety of first impressions when it’s so easy to pretend that your profile makes them for you?  So, in honor of love at first arranged, this episode is for those who text before calling, who stalk before approaching, who deny before listening, who accept before thinking, and undoubtedly leave before finishing, we hope you find what you’re looking for.


Name Character
Lu Louis Lu
Lila Lucchetti Sandra
Byrne Owens Steve
Jenny Bokoch Gillett Mandy


Name Role
Byrne Owens Producer, Writer, Director
Lu Louis Executive Producer
Connor Daly Director of Photography
Ernesto Ruvalcaba Sound Engineer
Daniel Walter Music Composer
Michael Speck Editor

Special Thanks