Party Planner

my roommate the Party Planner

It would be safe to say that behind every floral frenzied frosting circus of a party is a professional organizer who chose his/her career for the enjoyment of entertaining others. But since most exorbitant parties with a five figure budget are really just about outshining the rest of the community, the Party Planner is as happy to be entertaining people as DJ is to be playing “I Gotta Feelin” for the 54th time that evening.  And to whichever vendor, assistant, caterer, or union guy is near when the Party Planner has to solve two or more problems at once, that unlucky soul will be so mind-shanked that not even the prospect of getting to eat from the kid’s buffet will ease the pain of this micro-managed marathon of passive aggression.  Because if anyone should feel the pain of an underpaid mid-life crisis, it’s the people he/she depends on. So in honor of all those who have worked in the service industry, this episode for every Party Planner who abuses the phrase “You get what you pay for.”


Name Character
Lu Louis Lu
Annalise Hickok Tammy
Sasha Boggs Astrid
Pamela Hill Rebecca
Arielle Brachfeld Victoria
Samantha Acampora Georgia
Byrne Owens DJ Minty Fresh
Luke Campbell Dean
C.J. Morrow Mister Landaugh
Bryson Keyser Zach
Jerrell Anderson Jay
Samie Morton
Amber Slaven
Priyom Hader
Catherine Siggins Mimi
Beach Eastwood
Lawrence Bucher


Name Role
Byrne Owens Producer, Writer, Director, Graphic Artist
Lu Louis Executive Producer
Connor Daly Director of Photography, Editor
Mike Manning Production Sound
Sasha Boggs First AD