my roommate the Producer

Quite possibly the most vague title in all of entertainment, the “Producer” always gets the credit.  And whether or not he/she had anything to do with the production besides knowing someone who knows someone is irrelevant as long as the risk is low and the pay is high.  But not all producers are just bottom line piggy-backers, that’s why there’s at least 20 of them on every production so that we’ll never actually know which one was responsible for the brilliant conception, catharsis, and casting; and which one just added CG monkeys to seem important and broaden the demographic.  But like any business, the goal isn’t to be prolific, it’s to keep food on the table – even if that means slop for us and a private chef for them.  This episode is for every pitch-perfect solicitor that lives by the slogan “fake it till you make it”.


Name Character
Lu Louis Lu
Joel Bryant Drake Dunningham
Christian Edsall Waiter
Joseph H. Johnson Jr. TV Lu
Kyle Beck TV Hippie
Tristen MacDonald TV Model
Catherine Kresge TV Model's BFF
Martin Belmana TV Douchebag
Juan Lopez Guy Eating Back There


Name Role
Byrne Owens Producer, Writer, Director, Graphic Artist
Lu Louis Executive Producer
Matthew Hibbs Director of Photography, Editor
Ernesto Ruvalcaba Production Sound
Renato Hernandez Production Sound on "That's My Roommate!"
Mike Manning Title Card Sequence
Chris Mollica Editor on "That's My Roommate!"
Jared Young Voice of "That's My Roommate!"