my roommate the Queen

What would this show be if it didn’t address society’s most sparkling practitioner of personal freedom?  With the age old debate singing loudly into every orphace that has the freedom to listen, it is essential that we leave no stone unturned.  The Queen, known for his loudly dramatic interpretations of the female psyche, reminds us that there’s more than one way to let the world know he’s fabulous, and that there’s no innocent victims when it comes to sexual identity.  Whether they’re parading past dogmatic bullies, or cat calling at apathetic observers, it should be well known that what was once afraid is now proud, and that no bible verse nor social rules of personal space will keep this tigress contained.  So let’s dedicate the episode to all those who don’t think we “get it” unless it’s slapping us in the face.


Name Character
Lu Louis Lu
Byrne Owens Philipe
Juan Lopez Dimitri
Ariel Lazarus Veronica
Brandon Massey Steve
Johnny Hochgraefe Jamie
Ray Chao Chyna
Leepiei Green Bouncer
Maxx Gomez Male Gogo Dancer
Morgan Huestis Rusty Shackleford
Caitlin Reilly Martina
Terrence Terrell Freddy K.
Alexis Treaowell Murray Harper Winter
Gabrielle Shulman Natasha
Terrence C. Daniels Chris
Patricia Goodsell Patricia O Connor
Rolland Kiroloss Miles
Tutou Cerisier Wendy
Joshua Lassman Ryan Keslord
Tieira Ryder Jamie Monroe


Name Role
Byrne Owens Producer, Writer, Director
Lu Louis Executive Producer
Connor Daly Director of Photography, Editor
Ernesto Ruvalcaba Production Sound
Gabrielle Pineda Production Assistant
Jacob Soto Production Assistant
Lori Lee Gordon Costume Design
Giovanna Hurwitz Make-up Design
Brian Vidanes Production Assistant
Randy Kozela Production Assistant
Kari Hatfield Production Assistant
Samantha Nunley SAG Paperwork
Ray Chao SAG Paperwork
Sasha Boggs Production Assistant