my roommate the Spy

The title of “Spy” is reserved of the military elite who are able to seamlessly slip in and out of the world of espionage, undetected.  They are the silent killers who use unrivaled wit and cutting eade technology to aid them in their missions to protect their nation and her citizens.  In a world wrought with danger and deception, they are the level-headed gunslingers that get the job done no matter what the cost.  So let us raise our glasses to these secret heroes who have always left us shaken, not stirred.


Name Character
Lu Louis Lu
Melissa Murphy Katarinskya
Kyle Beck Ivan
Brett L. Davis Boris Blood


Name Role
Lu Louis Executive Producer/Writer/Director
Lauren Haroutunian Director of Photography
Alex Renato Production Sound
Colin Beamish Production Assistant
Michael Speck Editor / Music/ Graphics
Alex Renato VFX / Post Production SFX