How I met your future..

Well, it looks like it’s just the 6,000 of us for now.  Each video is averaging somewhere between 5 and 7 thow, which tells me we’ve established a loyal following that’s just short of hitting the kind of threshold necessary to really boom the youtube community.  And as I’m sure you guys are sharing these as much as you can on facebook and twitter, we’re still competing with the clutter of all the other webseries and home videos of cats running into sliding glass doors.  My guess is, it’s gonna take another shout out similar to that of Will of DC to graduate into the next rank of viewership.  Youtube likes us but won’t grant us partnership until we put out one video a week.  ONE VIDEO A WEEK???  If I could do one video a week I wouldn’t care to even get partnership because I’d obviously be rich enough to be making a feature film or pilot to pitch for the big networks.  It’s a catch 22 as with anything in this town.  It’s like having the popular kids in high school tell you they’ll let you into their clique if you steal the principle’s car while he’s driving it.  Okay maybe not that drastic, just steal the principle’s car.  But still!!  So that’s the next hurdle.  As always, your compliments and support are a breath of fresh air when we release these videos.  It also reminds me that in this country, fame and wealth operate on different platforms.  It’s up to us to make money off the exposure we get, not the other way around.

Speaking of which… T-Shirts are up!!

…and no one’s buying them.  But the designs are sick, yeah?  Maybe they’re not, and none of my friends have the heart to break it to me.  You do.  Tell us what you think.  I’m going to keep adding designs as episodes come out and hopefully get each episode it’s own t-shirt page so you can choose from all the quotes and characters, etc.  Go to the merch page (located at the top right) and check out what we’ve got.  If there’s something you want specifically it’s not out of the realm for me to make it for you.  And besides, it’s 15% off unil March 15th or 19th or something, I don’t have the banner in front of me.  But yeah, support the show, buy a shirt.  Wheeeeeee!

So to make some extra dough I got back into extra work.  Yeah, cattle call extra work.  I’m SAG so I’m at least making a par amount.  I don’t know how the non-union guys do it, that shit’s hardly humane.  But hey, there’s such a long line of people trying to make it, if anybody quits there’s no shortage of replacements.  Sad.  This whole town rests on the shoulders of pipe dreams.  That’s why LA exists outside the realm of economic turmoil.  There’s more layers to the layers of economic complexity in this place to ever be affected by an earthquake or oil shortage, it runs on it’s own toxic fumes.  Even if we got invaded by China or Russia, (or Aliens, that’s probably what the movie’s about – Aliens still can’t take LA because the entertainment industry keeps throwing money at them…) and odds are they wouldn’t because they love our movies too much.  Couldn’t tell you why, most of them are so embarrassing it’s a wonder we haven’t been invaded yet.

But I digress.  Extra work.  How I Met Your Mother.  I was a bar patron.  And here’s my hilarious and what ought to be -embarassing story:  The scene is New Years Eve, it’s a countdown.  The main character – Ted – has a line that takes place in his head or between the 3rd and 4th wall whatever, so we’re supposed to mime the countdown after 8.  Well first five takes I feel like I was the only one that could follow that direction, so proud of myself.  Then I had a brain fart, I got bored, I do what I do best, SPACE THE FUCK OUT.  Well on the next take, everyone in the room went silent after 8, except me.  I SCREAMED 7 and the ENTIRE CAST of the show turned and looked at me like I was the biggest fucking idiot they’d ever seen.  Jason Segel sent me a look of such disappointment it would have crippled any actor’s dream of being cast on that show.  But frankly, I thought it was hilarious, and so did the two extras next to me because they knew full well that that was the first time I’d fucked up.  I threw my hands in the air with a ginormous smile and said, “Yeah it was me!  I’m sorry!  But in my defense that was the first time I yelled it 7!”  Of course the entire time I’m saying this the 1st AD is yelling at me, the extra’s director is yelling at me, the cast is shaking their heads.  Whatever.  I went up to Jason afterwards and apologized, he was cool with it.  But the 1st AD was PISSED I didn’t apologize to him right off the bat.  Oops, I patted him on the back with a smile and said sorry.  Moral of the story is… I’m a bad extra.  Can’t quite say what they ultimately says about me, but for that moment in time – I had made my impression on How I Met Your Mother and that impression was – MORON.

Will any of those people remember me after that?  Probably not.  What does it matter anyway.  It’s only one more sign that I’m destined to be an outcast in this place.  I know that my work is solid, I enjoy what I do.  It’s only a matter of time before I make some kind of income off of my writing/performing.  But will it ever come with status and Hollywood glam?  Likely not.  I’ve got a pilot in store for you all.  If you like myroommatethe, you’re going to love what’s in store.  Think of it this way, if this was a war and entertainment was the enemy base, myroommatethe is the rocket launcher we’re using to breach the wall, and this pilot is the machine gun we’re gonna use to neutralize the enemy soldiers once we’re inside. (Now you can’t steal it Andrea, it’s on record.  The quote I mean, not the pilot.)  So keep in touch viewers, things are about to get awesome.

Off to work, photographing rich people.  See you on Monday night when we release ‘my roommate the Time Traveler part 2′!!!

Here’s pics from the premiere party!