Playing Thyself

It’s been an exhausting process, but we’re nearing the end of our three episode production and plan to release them all back to (relative) back this month, with Time Traveler acting as our season 1 finale.  Last night we finished filming my roommate the youtuber, guest starring Youtube’s own Will of DC (see as…you guessed it… the youtuber. I made an appearance too in case you were wondering.  As MYSELF.  I’m not going to give away too much but it was probably my most difficult role to date.  Do you really need to ask why?

Asking me to say a line the way I would say it is like playing Russian Roulette with blanks.  Or with each chamber full.  So unless you want to count my overwhelming insecurities about being a blank and boring person, which shouldn’t count, self identity hurts my brain.  For instance, I loathe the statement “be yourself”.  Talk about killing the first impression.  If we all behaved the way we wanted, there’d be no courtesy.  It’s called self censorship, and the idealists have that shit hypno-tatted to the back of their temporal lobes (which is why I don’t trust them, shhhh).

Per wikipedia, the self is an individual person as the object of his or her own reflective consciousness.  You walk into a room, you’re gonna behave based on a)the mood, b)the demographic, and c)your own mood which totally depends on another a-z that I don’t care to go into.  As an actor, we’re told to fill in as many of these details as we can to give our character realistic qualities.  So what the fuck am I supposed to do with “be yourself”.  I have a headache, is that the person I’m talking to’s fault?  No.  So I’m going to smile and be kind to them so as to spare them of the pain that might actually go away if that’s what I talked about when they asked me how I’m doing.  No, conversation, especially with strangers, is very SAFE, and boring, but necessarily safe.  “iHola, coma esta!  Bien, gracias, y tu?”  It’s a dance, and the more you try to jive up that dance so you can feel like an individual, the more you distort the natural process of actually being seen as an individual rather than an ego driven bore.

Wait, that’s kinda what I just did.  Damn it.  Can’t even defend my point.  So that’ll have to be the point.  Be yourself. Pysch – literally.

Tomorrow we’re shooting green screen pick-up shots to add people to our future crowd from the desert.  You know, the crowd of people I lazily tried to round up two weeks ago?  Yeah, well our graphics specialist Mike Manning brought forward the magic of Hollywood to help multiply those people to give us a giant crowd.  Tomorrow we’re having actors come by to give us more people to multiply so it doesn’t look like there’s just clones of the seven people we had on location.  If you’re in the area of LA tomorrow around 1pm, and you’re not a psychopath (If you are I’d be careful, I eat psychopaths.  It’s a disease, I’m working on it.) , shoot me an email and I’ll send you further details.  It’s not a speaking role, though.  So if you’re a diva, fuck off.

Here’s some juicy teaser photos from our two most recent shoots.  Love you.